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Our mission
We are not a venture capital firm that jumps to popular trends. We have our own mission.

It is our hope that our customers can enjoy quality products without overpaying in campaign fees. We are determined to invest in the start-ups, which create authentic products and services, instead of companies, which inflate their margins with marketing fees.

We don’t invest in companies that rely on quick cash injections to boost short-term demand, such as giving discounts up front and other strategies that employ wasteful short-term strategies instead of wisely investing in sustainable growth. Digital platforms, high-speed trains, and skyscrapers are not scarce in China, but companies that aim to leverage this world-class infrastructure to build iconic brands are few and far between.

We believe craftsmanship matters. In addition to financial capital, we offer a host of value-add services, including consumer insights and actionable, purposeful introductions as part of our commitment to enable companies becoming premium brands in the years to come. We help companies solve crucial problems and establish stable long-term growth.

We believe in active partnerships of shared vision and shared commitment. Our experience, resources and industry knowledge will help accelerate your company’s growth. Our organisational structure is lean and our decision-making process is efficient. Our fund consists mostly of our own capital; therefore, we do not feel external pressure to exit partnerships quickly and, instead, maintain long-term investments.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that it takes time and patience to build best-in-class brands. We would rather pass on a deal for short-term gains, even if it sounds like a good one. It is more important to us to build great companies with entrepreneurs who share the same vision as us. We will drink together, solve problems together, and experience journey together. In other words, we invest in people over deals.

We believe that in the future, there will be at least three Chinese companies in the top 10 leagues of each industry worldwide. If you are ready to challenge the sectors where Chinese entrepreneurs haven’t yet been successful, we welcome you to reach out to us.

We also believe in continuity in a world of change. Great companies don’t come from investing in a brand-new category, a business secret, or a flashy idea. Great companies are forged by continuously building the greatest team possible, holding to the belief that customers come first, and creating best-in-class products.

If your products have already attracted a group of loyal and passionate seed followers who really love your brand, yet you are encountering challenges from giant competitors, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We know that where there is a tycoon, the market size is huge. We believe in the power of word of mouth and compounded growth, so we have the patience to build brands that are disrupting categories.

Please remember one thing: the distribution of your company’s ownership matters. Just as a football team consists of only 13 players, there are only so many owners who can share the pie of your company’s shares. Do not penalise a player for a temporary leading position, and do not distribute your shares to an investor who doesn’t share the same values as you just in order to achieve a slightly higher valuation. Never forget that how company shares are allotted irreversible affects a company’s future.

Last but not the least, all our actions are based on the assumption that China will become the next driver of global economic growth. As a Chinese venture capital firm, we are committed to tripling down on value-based companies and investing in companies that contribute to our wellness, as well as enhance the competitiveness of China.

If the business environment in China is a zero-sum game, our economy will not have stable growth. If China cannot achieve prosperity, Challenjers Capital will not yield long-term returns. As a result, we are determined to make our investments based on the fundamental belief that China will have a better future if we take a long-term approach and ride economic highs and lows with the long-term vision of building stable and successful companies.
Our businesses

Genki Forrest sources premium ingredients globally. Committed to provide the finest GENKI experience for the taste.


Guanyun is a Luzhou-flavor liquor brand, Guanyun, named after the clouds of Hongze Lake. Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, we are willing to polish our products until perfection. Guanyun liquor smells elegant, the first sip is soft, the taste is mild, but full and long-lasting without giving you a hangover.


Autour is a new smart scooter designed for the disabled and the elderly. Autour lets people with mobility problems travel freely, go where they want to go, and enjoy life with dignity.


PANDABREW is the leading craft beer brand in China. PANDABREW combines the craftsmanship of North American craft beer in the taste of Chinese people to brew beer exclusively suitable for Chinese.


VGO is an emerging brand in the personal care category. with the core concept of using technology to enhance our health, VGO is committed to providing consumers with technology-driven, high-quality and fashionable looking products.


Bee+ is a high-end space operator dedicated to exploring and defining how people spend 2/3 of their time each day, innovating and upgrading real estate space starting with both office and lifestyle spaces. Bee+ is committed to leading the way with innovative space to change the way people live in the future.


Summer is new generation of college students' social app, jointly created by the Peking University Tsinghua Entrepreneurship Team, is now open to all 985, 211 colleges and overseas key universities and colleges.


Septnet is a leading online education brand committed to building a public service platform for student examinations. The “Septnet Academic Examination Public Service Platform” is a cloud service, multi-tenant, and universal network marking platform.


Cicilight is a brand-new juice chain brand. The products of Cicilight are centered on health. Integrating technology, where fashion, sports and health branding combine to create a glass of freshly squeezed juice to provide consumers with the ultimate fresh and healthy drink.


The high-end food chain brand Shangui uses the on-site tinned chicken soup as the soup base and selects high-quality ingredients to provide healthy and delicious Chongqing chicken noodle soup for consumers.


Tiger Brokers is a well-known US and Hong Kong stock broker in the Chinese region and around the world, committed to providing users with a first-class global investment experience. Users can freely choose stocks, options, ETFs, bonds, foreign exchange and other rich trading products in the market to maximize profits.


An emerging brand of new burger fast food chain restaurant. Tab Hamburger is dedicated to serving every consumer with the best products in the category.

Our incubator organises meetups all year round to help our portfolio companies to develop their product prototypes and build long-term moats. Leveraging our industry-specific network, we link founders to leading industry partners, we help start-up teams find senior executives. We also connect entrepreneurs with investors in the relevant vertical industry, thereby helping prepare them for the next round of financing. We strive to provide tailored incubation services, including design and management. A lockable, closed office can accommodate teams of any size.
We provide flexible office space for freelancers and telecommuters. We provide exclusively owned desks to offer you greater productivity.
We like those who have done extraordinary things in ordinary positions, and we value enthusiasm for work more than certain other qualifications. Therefore, whether you have experience in the financial industry or not, if you are eager to challenge your limits and are excited about working in such an environment, we would love to hear from you.

We have a diverse team, including both scholars, who are research experts, and doers, who have strength and speed in execution. We emphasise the constant search for feedback, which we then use in our work, reiterating our firm’s mission. In this way, we foster a responsive team that can continue to expand our capabilities and grow with our portfolio of companies. In this collegiate atmosphere, our team members learn from each other and evolve the team as a whole.

As a boutique venture capital firm, Challenjers Capital maintain a lean organisational structure. New candidates must undergo rigorous screening and multiple rounds of interviews before joining the company, thus ensuring both relevant competencies and cultural fit. We believe that having the right people and a meritocratic culture with the highest standards of integrity in place, enables us to deliver exceptional long-term results.
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